Statement of notices
The Central Penn Business Journal is a multimedia news source that publishes a regular print and online edition and breaks news daily on its website, With over 38 years of experience covering important issues in the region, Central Penn Business Journal is a respected source of information, insights and opportunities.

The Central Penn Business Journal Public Notice section contains notices that are required by law to be published in a newspaper that meets the definition and follows the procedures laid out in Title 45 of the Pennsylvania legal statute. Public notices describe activities of public interest and concern and report activity or planned activity by government, including the courts.

Why is Public Notice important?
According to the Pennsylvania News Media Association, Public notices inform citizens about life-changing events planned by local governments, including tax increases, home foreclosures, zoning changes and much more before those actions are taken.

Pennsylvania’s newspapers remain the most read, most reliable place to read and establish legal proof of public notices, with nearly 8 in 10 of Pennsylvania adults reading a newspaper in print or online each week, and 87% of Pennsylvanians agreeing that keeping the public informed about government activities through public notices is a worthwhile use of government funds.

What are the Public Notice rules and requirements?
Pennsylvania Public Notice rules, regulations and requirements are defined in Title 45 of the Pennsylvania legal statute. The statute defines the types of newspapers, required information and appropriate deadlines for publishing public notice. Please refer to the statute linked above for more information or reach out to our public notice representative below for further clarification or to answer any questions.

Who to contact?
To submit a public notice, please call Advertising and Public Notice Coordinator Joy Hough at 443-992-7728 or send your ad to [email protected].